Summer Holidays Week One | The Norfolk Broads

As the end of the school term came nearer and nearer I didn't feel overally emotional. I think there were a few factors in this.
1 | Charles wasn't leaving that school forever and will be returning in September.
2 | He was ready for a break. I didn't understand this before when parents said it "oooh my child is getting tired, they need a half term to rest". But really, this time, I got it. He got on so so well at school, we are really proud of what he has achieved but it was clear that he needed to be with us for a bit and to be able to be him. To laze around and sleep until whenever.
3 | We have a busy 3 weeks planned for the school holidays already and as any parent will know planning things to do to keep children busy for the whole of the holidays is quite a task.

We're now coming to the end of our first full week and what a week it has been (said in true Alan Carr style).
Since buying the boat back in January we have had the odd weekend stay but nothing we would call a full holiday. We've only stayed overnight for 2 nights and had planned our first week aboard.
We wanted to venture further along the Norfolk Broads and to do this we had to go through a couple of bridges, which meant we had to get the mast down for the first time.
It was successful, woohoo, and we had 4 nights of mooring up at different places along the Broads whilst we explored.

We learnt a lot of things this week, all which make up quite a few blog posts around the topics of seagulls, bikinis, fishermen, hire boats and lifejackets.

Our highlights for the week included the amazing scenery. Oh my, how beautiful Norfolk is. It was like being in a completely different world and I only wish our view wasn't ruined by the many plastic hire boats that were joining us along the river (sorry not sorry). We got to see a historic boat and which even moored up overnight beside us. Seriously, opening up your awning in the morning and being faced with this beautiful beast was a dream. We loved it.

We watched Herons take food to their nest, and fight with an eel (or snake!) and walked a 6 mile round trip just to get some water.
Eating is hard on the boat as we haven't quite managed food storage and nice healthy meals to make so we didn't eat to well. However, we didn't complain at the pub stops we had and took advantage of the hot sun and sat outside in beer gardens whilst the boys ran around showing us how fast they can run.

It was a tough week. Lack of facilities and limited water can take it's toll. As can the bed space and the amount of gnats who want to share your sleeping bag with you.
The weather wasn't kind on the Monday and my poor husband did have to end up motoring the boat whilst sat in the cockpit in his waterproofs whilsts soaking wet. But he didn't complain once.

Annoyingly I thought I had gone out with a full camera battery but after day two it went so these are a few photos I took in those two days. I'll be sharing others in future posts.

(Oh and yes, before you judge, we do let our children drink Diet Coke sometimes.)

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