August 2014

I am usually the type of person to prefer being at home. It's not that I'm lazy but I get anxious about taking the boys out, I find excuses to stay at home where I feel safe and secure.
I wanted to make August and the Summer Holidays exciting for us all. And busy. And I definitely haven't failed with that at all.
The beginning of the month saw us visit our friend Hayley and her family for a few days. It was really nice to spend time with them. We went for a picnic to a windmill, went fruit and vegetable picking. We went out for lunch, we went shopping and visited the woods.
We came home for 3 days and then my nanny and aunty came to visit. Our week again was busy with a trip to two museums, stock car racing, the sealife centre, lunch out twice, and time spent at my mums and at the bungalow my nanny had rented for the week.
They went home on the Saturday...boooo but then my brother came home on the Sunday....yay!! We were supposed to go and watch him ride his bike at the Snetterton race track on the Tuesday but I had a migraine so instead we went out on the Wednesday which was really lovely.
On the Saturday he came round for a bit, again because I had another headache and we ended up playing football with the boys out the front. It really brought back memories from my childhood and it was just so nice to spent quality time with my brother where we all enjoyed each others company.

The last week of August was again a bit of a mix of busy days and house days. On Monday we relaxed and on Tuesday we walked to a friends house nearby for lunch and a play. On Wednesday we went to my mother in laws house for lunch and to spend some time with her. It was lovely to be at hers as she usually comes to us, despite not being able to drive and having to get 2 buses on a journey which takes her 2 or 3 hours (an hour and a half for us in the car). Her garden is beautiful so we made the most of the nice weather and sat outside for a while.

Then, we relaxed. We had days at home. Started to tackle the housework which has piled up thanks to a busy month and now we prepare to get Charles back to school and for Harry to start preschool.
Life is about to get very different.

These are my photos for the Living Arrows project in August.

How was your month?

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