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This quote.
I feel a bit, I don't know, at the moment. I feel like I am constantly looking around and re-evaluating everything in my life or in the communities I am part of (be it blogging or as a school mum). Looking at where I can change, other things I think need to change, and so on. It's hard to explain and I expect will prompt a blog post soon so I can get it out of my head.

With this quote, which I posted on Instagram I said:

This is something EVERY blogger needs to live by. So many people create this perfect ideal online persona, it doesn't mean they are like that in real life. We need to stop idolising each other so much and remember it's *just* online, or a brief chat at an event. It takes a while to really know someone.


Impractical Jokers, this programme is hilarious. It's basically a group of 4 friends (men) who set each other dares via an earpiece or through que cards.
If you haven't seen it and you have Comedy Central you must watch it, and also grab the ones on Sky On Demand. It is one of the only programmes that makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it.


I am so boring but I haven't really worn anything that memorable this week!
Today I am wearing shorts though. I suppose that counts.


For the first time ever I watched Bambi. Before I have turned it off because of *spoiler* what happens to his mum. It is such a sweet film though and features one of our favourite Disney songs.


I'm going for it....memories. On Sunday we went out on the boat and it made us feel quite sad because it will probably be the last Sunday we go out on her this year.
Sailing season is almost up and our beauty will be going back into the boat shed in a couple of weeks time.
It has been the most amazing experience, something I didn't expect to love so much, and I'm already excited to be able to sail again next year.

and lastly...

Two of my favourite photographer friends Hayley and Emily are starting an exciting 'Photo Clinic' project.

We're super excited about it and hope to have it up and running next week. We're hoping to support the blogging community by sharing our knowledge, helping you to fix photo problems, re-edit photographs, or even offer a kind and positive critique on a photo you have taken. We're looking for patients! Fancy a visit to the clinic?


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