October 2014

So, where on earth did October go?!
It's safe to say that October has flown past, and I'll be completely honest with you, I am in major Christmas mode right now.

I spent a lot of October thinking back to the Summer. Autumn has well and truly hit now, although I'm pretty sure we were the last town in the whole of the UK to even see any signs of Autumn.
It's been really lovely to look over the photos I took in the Summer, to look at the calender and to see all the things we planned with a big tick next to them.

October saw the boys have two weekends away. One with my mum, their first overnight stay without me or my husband. We instead went out for drinks and a meal with my in laws which was wonderful....although has put me off drinking for a while. Seriously, does anyone else find that as you get older your body can't cope so well with drinking?
The other weekend the boys spent at my in-laws and I went away to Birmingham and Milton Keynes to go to Blogcamp and to spend some time with a friend.
It was a fab weekend, made even better by the most wonderful, yummy meal at Zizzi at The Mailbox.

The saddest part of October was that we have prepared our boat for her departure from the water. Any day now we will watch her be lifted onto a trailer and driven, on the back of a tractor, and tucked safely into a busy boatshed for the colder seasons.
The past 6 months have gone so fast. We cannot wait to go out on her again next year and have so many ideas on how we can improve her just with a bit of decoration and homely touches.
She definitely was the best decision my husband ever made, other than to marry me of course, and I'm not sure what we would do without her.

So now we're in November and I think it's looking to be a pretty calm month, with not a huge amount of plans other than a few girly meet ups with shopping days and lunch dates here and there.

How was your October?

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