2014...The Year of Friendships

Looking back on 2014 there was certainly a lot of tough times. But, I think I can say that there was an equal amount of good times too.
One of the big things in my life this year had to be friendship.
It's quite overwhelming for me really. Which seems ridiculous I know. 

Last year was the moment that these friendships were born. I didn't realise that this year they would then go from strength to strength. 
I didn't realise that I would have people in my life, other than family, who I felt so comfortable around. People who bring something to my life that makes me happy. People who make me smile, who make me laugh and people who I look forward to talking to and seeing.

I have people who I, and I struggle to write this, people who I think might like me and think I am a good person. They might think I am good to have in their life, I don't know. I'm not very confident when it comes to that, but I'd like to think that those people think as much of me as I do of them.

Of course, blogging had a part in this. Meeting Hayley back in June last year was a massive change for me. I didn't expect to have a friend who I would end up seeing a few times this year and who I would talk to on a regular basis. 
I certainly didn't expect it to be a friendship which my children would also get involved in and our children have also made friends despite only seeing each other twice. I didn't expect to be staying there for 3 nights in the Summer with the boys so we could spend time together and have our children play together too.

And then there are the school run mums. One I became friends with last year and would talk to if we passed each other, or if we were stood next to each other in the class queue and the other who ended up talking to me in the class queue because we had other children the same age (Harry). But this year it has progressed.
We look out for each other every day,park in roughly the same place just so we can walk together and usually end up having a 10-15 minute long chat on the corner after we've dropped the children off.
The best end to the year, and to our year of friendship in particular, was a night out. No children, no school run stress. Just us, dressed up, a 3 course meal and 3 bottles of wine. And it was wonderful.
We all said how much we value this friendship and I think that was something we all needed to hear. We made plans for 2015 to meet up more and to even get the husbands together so we can all be extra sociable.

So 2014, thank you! Thank you for making me realise what friendships are. And although I will always have that negative niggle in the back of my mind which tells me not to believe that they feel the same, but maybe that will be what I focus on in 2015.
Accepting that people might want to be friends with me too.

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