December 2014

So there goes 2014. All done and dusted, and quite possibly the quickest year there ever was.

December didn't start off so well. My husband has been really poorly, this continued on from November and it completely wiped him out. It kind of made us struggle to get into the Christmas spirit and we've really clawed at as much as we can to get into that Christmassy frame of mind.

Charles' school really made an effort with Christmas this year. They put on a Christmas Fayre which Charles and I went to. It was nice to have that quality time together and to see that the majority of the staff there knew him and remembered his name, I find that really comforting as it's hard to know your child is one of over 300 in a school. We bought some books, a Christmas decoration, some cakes, and Charles had his face painted.
They also had a Nativity and put on two performances so I went to one with my mum, and then my husband went to the other with Harry.
There was a school disco, which Charles wasn't too happy at because it was too loud but still he went and I'm proud of him for that. He had a school trip to the Pantomime and enjoyed a school Christmas dinner.

Harry became obsessed with Frozen, without actually watching the film. He was really drawn to the song Let It Go (is there any child who isn't drawn to that song?!) and we played it on the tv via Youtube every single day, around 5 times!, at his request, so he could sing to us and put on a show. It's such a beautiful thing to watch. He got his much desired Elsa doll for Christmas as well as the dvd from my Aunty so I expect we will be watching that on repeat a lot from now on.

We picked up our new boat, and she is currently living in our back garden. She is beautiful and it's lovely to look outside of the kitchen window and seeing her sat there.

The biggest thing that happened this month was Charles' first visit from the tooth fairy! For months we have been waiting for his wobbly tooth to decide when it was going to fall out, and with help from one of the teaching assistants at school I picked him up and he had a massive smile on his face, showing off this brand new gap.

2014 has been a fantastic year, and although this month hasn't been the best, it could have been worse.

2015....we are ready for you.

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