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We all like a nosey at other people's Christmas trees, right?
I've always felt quite self-conscious about mine. I don't know why. Probably because we see so many beautiful, perfectly decorated trees and I fear mine may look a bit like I didn't really know what I was doing and just threw everything at the tree to see where it landed.
I'm proud of my tree this year though, especially as I picked it straight from the field. I had this big plan to expand on the silver and blue decorations and to include bright, homemade decorations. But we ran out of time, and once getting the decorations out from the loft I realised how much I love what we already have.

This year we got a smaller tree than usual and I think that has definitely helped.
I've now decided that homemade decorations are nice, but certainly not essential. Christmas isn't ruined just because I didn't get round to making a decoration of my own.
When I look at our tree I feel happy. Every decoration has history, and a special meaning behind it.
Each one means something to us, and you can't get much more perfect than that.

We bought these two wooden cut out decorations from Sorrento in September 2008. We went on a Cruise around the Meditteranean and durng one of the excursions to Sorrento we went into a shop and couldn't resist these. In fact we are super impressed that they survived the day out, the journey home, and 6 Christmasses so far.
It wasn't long after returning from the cruise that we found out I was pregnant with Charles. Which makes these decorations, and that cruise, even more special.

If we visit somewhere for a day out I tend to like to pick something up from the gift shop. When we went to Sandringham Estate last year I wanted to get something little to take away. As it was coming to the end of the season they had a few Christmas decorations in their gift shop. I fell in love with these little glass ones, there were a few different designs but I loved the simpleness of the presents. I bought two, one for each boy.

These wooden stars are super super special. Some of my family live in Somerset and my Aunty ad Uncle send presents to the boys every year. Last year we were sent these beautiful stars. My aunty bought the blank stars, added glitter to them and then using her wood etching pen wrote each of our names on them. These make me smile so much and it's a lovely reminder that although we are far away we are all thinking of each other.

This gingerbread man is a new addition to our tree. On Friday Charles and I went to his school's Christmas Fayre. As we'd had a lovely time, and to have a reminder of how well he is doing at school, we bought this little fella on one of the craft stalls.

Father Christmas left these for the boys two years ago in small jewellery ring boxes.

I love getting this decoration out every year. It isn't actually a Christmas decoration, but is instead a hair accessory. My sister in law bought it for me when I was Maid of Honor for her back in 2010 and as it's something I may not get the chance to wear much I felt it was better to be used on the tree, to remind us of the lovely day we had.

I'm a sucker for initial decorations or named decorations. Harry had a hanging snow globe but it smashed so I immediately went out to get him another one. They had completely sold out so I bought the donkey for him instead and using a lead tube wrote his name on there instead. We also have a matching penguin decoration for Charles and a bear holding the word 'brother' too.

Despite having a tough day instead of our fun family day I had in mind we bought these three decorations, along with a wooden Christmas tree that will get a post of it's own because it is SO beautiful.

Last year I went out to buy some new decorations as I felt the ones we had were too basic and boring. I wanted some special "grown up" decorations.

These are two decorations I picked up recently when I went shopping with my mum. I couldn't resist the bell as I think it's so pretty and the wooden decoration was down to £2 just because a piece of the wood was split at the side. This bit has now snapped off but it doesn't notice at all.

Two of our 4 decorations from Disneyland Paris last Christmas. These bring us so many happy memories.

This is another of our new decorations. It's safe to say that our boat is a big part of our lives, almost like an extra family member, so when Snapfish gave me the chance to review some of their personalised Christmas items I quickly decided that I wanted something with a photo of her on it.
I ordered the snowflake photo ornament. It was really easy to create, simply by uploading a suitable photo and adjusting it if needed.
I'm really pleased with the quality and my husband loved the surprise of seeing it on our tree.

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