Teksta T-Rex | Review

You know how every year there is that certain present every child should have? Well, look no further than the Teksta T-Rex and it's friends the kitty and puppy.

The Teksta T-Rex is a real robot who responds to your voice, actions, motions, lights, sounds and even an app on your Android device or iPad. Thanks to his artificial intelligence program, T-Rex will roar, cry, whine and change his eye patterns in ways to show how he's feeling. T-Rex has special sensors to know if he's being petted, fed, talked to, and played with.

The T-Rex's eyes are particularly special, and show how clever this piece of kit is. As we do, the T-Rex shows his emotions through his eyes. He need stimulation, to be patted, talked to and played with to keep his eyes happy. If you don't give him enough attention, or neglect him, his eyes will look unhappy.

When he’s hungry you can feed him his dino bone. Simply take the bone and place it in T-Rex's mouth with the arrow on the bone facing into his mouth. Move it all the way in until you hear a "beep" sound. T-Rex will start to bite the bone and attempt to crack it in half. After he eats the bone, he will bend over and then throw it out of his mouth.
There is another way to make the T-Rex throw the bone. Press his nose for around 3 seconds until you hear a beep. As with the other method you simply place the bone in his mouth, wait for the beep and let him do his thing.

This has over 100 physical and app-sized interactive play features and includes bone accessory. Although it is recommended for ages 5 and over I would feel happy giving it to a 3 year old. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included).

There are two buttons on the T-Rex’s head.
Conversation mode This mode lets you have a conversation with T-Rex. He will hear what you say and will respond back in as best he can in roars and sounds. T-Rex will not walk in this mode. So, it’s a good way to play and talk with him on a table top or desk.
Singing and Dancing mode This mode lets you pick a song and watch the T-Rex dance along.

This really is such a fantastic toy. My only worry is that it does feel like it could be a tiny bit fragile, so is one that can't just be thrown in the toybox, he needs his own space on a piece of furniture or on a shelf.

The Teksta T-Rex costs £60 and is available from Debenhams, who kindly sent us one for the purpose of this review. Thank you Debenhams!

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