Living Arrows 2014 | My Monthly Favourites

Living Arrows is BACK for 2015, except this year it is bigger and better (at least that is the plan!). It also has a new home and can be found on Hayley's blog, Shutterflies.
I've absolutely loved looking back on my year of Living Arrows and feel a real sense of success that I didn't miss a week, and have one photo I feel proud of, or that I felt worthy enough, to be submitted to the project.
There are some photos I look at which I know are not my best, and maybe didn't come out as I hoped, but overall I am proud of myself. And I am proud of my children.

I really took this project into my heart and tried every week to document something special to us. Ok, so there may be a few too many of them looking directly into the camera and not of me capturing them being children and doing those childhood things, but I think when taking part in a project like this you need to be yourself and add your own interpretation of it.

I love looking back on the photos and seeing something which others won't see. Of having these memories that others don't know about.
I love knowing the stories behind every photo, of knowing what is going on around us, the reasons why they are smiling, or what they are looking at.

I wanted to go over my photos from the year and to pick out my overall monthly favourites. 
It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be but for whatever reason, these are the photos that really stand out for me.

I am so excited for another year of this wonderful project and can't wait to see what everyone else does too.

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