New Years Day Morning

I'm not one to really make a fuss of New Years Eve or New Years Day. It's never really appealed to me, and although I do like to stay up to watch the London fireworks I feel like in general it is just like any other day.

My husband was working on News Years Day, just in the morning and then had a breakfast date with his mum and sister so it was just me and the boys until around 12 o clock.
We were due to go to a park the other side of town but I had locked my house keys in my car so I was locked in the house. With my mum coming over to let us out we instead went to a park closer to home. Charles wanted to go on a bike ride and this park was ideal for him to practice his swerving.
We hadn't been there long when Harry and my mum decided it was far too cold and windy to walk around the park and instead wanted to head for a cafe.
Charles wanted to ride his bike and I needed to work off some of the Stilton consumed over the Christmas break!

That was the plan anyway. The two cafe's in the park were closed and Charles managed to fall into a big puddle.
So, we put the bike and scooter back in my car and made our way to a nearby tearoom instead.
My mum treated us all to a slice of cake each, as well as a drink.

In three months time the four of us are off on holiday to Somerset so to spend the first morning of 2015 together felt really special.

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