This Week in 5 | 18.1-24.1

Last year I started a little project called 'Happy Sunday'. Every Sunday I wrote about things that had made me happy that week.
This year I wanted to try something different and just basically want to look back at 5 things in the week that meant something to me, that happened, that I want to remember.

Last Sunday we decided to take the boys out on their bikes. Charles can now ride without his stabilisers and he is so quick and confident. Harry on the other hand, hasn't even attempted to ride the bike we bought him for his birthday last July. We went to a lovely big park in Norwich but it was so cold that we didn't last very long and instead decided to just go for some lunch in the city. We went to Wagamamas as the boys and my husband haven't been before. The service was a bit poor and we weren't that impressed by the "your food comes when it's ready" as opposed to all the food coming at once. We all had our food way before Charles had his which I think upset him. My husband wasn't totally impressed by the food, instead preferring Yo Sushi's Chicken Katsu, however Charles, Harry and I enjoyed ours.

I got two new sweatshirts this week. When we go on holiday in April I want to make sure I'm prepared incase it is cold, I'm not sure what the heating is like in the barn that we are in for the week and also, our car isn't the warmest. I couldn't resist the 'More Issues Than Vogue' sweatshirt from In The Style. Even the cat liked that one and within 10 minutes of it arriving had decided it would be her bed! It's a good job she is cute...although for some reason she always looks so angry when I take a photo of her.
It's not the smartest of tops, or the best of qualities but it will do the job and provide some LOLs.
I bought a knitted jumper from H&M but wasn't so keen on the quality of it so will be returning that, and as an alternative bought the "My Weekend Sweatshirt" from Boohoo. I didn't think I would ever be able to buy from Boohoo so I'm high five-ing my weight loss again! I bought this in Large and although it is slightly on the big side (I will get used to buying a Medium soon) it will be nice and cosy I'm sure.

 Harry has this bizarre obsession with Blue Tac. We are trying to wean him off it because he is THAT obsessed. I came home from the school run on Friday to be greeted by Harry with horns on, made by my husband. Once my husband went to work Harry told me I had to wear the horns. The things we do for our children.....

 I've been trying to make an effort to watch more films. I want to make use of our Sky On Demand and also of Netflix. This week we watched Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I was always so anti-watching them. I don't like to follow things other people do as I think it can all just be a fad (50 Shades of Grey style) however, I bought my husband the Hunger Games books for Christmas and after finishing the first book he wanted to watch the film immediately. It was AMAZING. I told him to hurry up and read the second book but on Tuesday he couldn't wait any longer so we watched it that night. Although it was good I didn't think it was as good as the first. And.....how does she manage to keep getting new arrows?!
Also, I think Katniss Everdeen may well be my idol.
I also watched Little Children with Kate Winslet. It was a little tooooo long I think but was a good film, I do love Kate Winslet so may have given up if it was someone else playing that role.
I watched Let's Be Cops which was funny. I watched this with my mum and my brother. We were torn between that and Before I Go To Sleep, deciding we didn't want to concentrate on Before I Go To Sleep we chose Let's Be Cops instead.
After watching the trailer for Before I Go to Sleep I decided to get the book on my Kindle.

On Friday I decided to go for a little walk down the beach after dropping Harry off at preschool. It was lovely to have a bit of fresh air but I felt so out of place not having a dog!
The beach was so beautiful though, and I loved just standing by the water listening to it crash onto the shore. I would have stayed longer if I didn't feel so odd....and if I'd taken my gloves.

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