Get Hard

On Monday this week I had yet another "date". It's funny, all of a sudden I seem to have this social life and it seems quite odd. I'm used to not really doing anything and being this person who is jealous of those announcing on Instagram that they are going out with a friend or a group of girls...and now I am one of those and it's odd.
Nice of course, but odd.

So this week I went to Norwich with a friend I met on the school run and who has now become one of my best friends. She had free tickets to a preview screening and asked if I wanted to go. Erm, YES PLEASE!
So with our children all sorted and a pick up time of 5pm (and various messages throughout the day of "SO EXCITED!") we were on our way.
We were rebels and stopped off at Poundland to get some drinks because you know, cinema prices ££££ and then parked up and headed in.

The thing I love about my friend, Christine, is that she lets me be myself. I seem to get on better with people if I can have a bit of banter with them, even if it includes saying some mean things which are obviously jokey and are not taken seriously at all. And I have that kind of friendship with her.
We also seem to be at this point where we try to embarrass each other as much as possible.
I think I am winning with that one, although I didn't quite expect her to turn round to the guy serving us on the food counter and telling him that we wouldn't be ordering drinks because I would end up going to the toilet all the way during the film!
After around 10-15 minutes of them faffing making our food, and us making even more inappropriate comments and jokes, and giggling far too much we were finally able to get to the screen.

Because it was a preview screening there were security guards at the door requesting we had turned out phones off and had no recording equipment etc. It was quite intimidating, however after making a joke about our food and me wafting our Nachos under their noses to distract them from the fact that I hadn't been able to take my phone out of my bag to turn if off we went in.
You know that awkward moment when the room is dark and you can't really see where you are going to you just sit at the first seats you see? Well, we did that, which we later regretted slightly as the screen was huge and we struggled to focus...and there was a particularly revealing part which had us covering our eyes and giggling like school girls!

We ended up having such a lovely time. Laughing, gossiping and being able to go away and have secret giggles over the word "Mayo" and "that toilet scene".

The only downside is having someone (male) ask you "which film did you see?" and then you having to reply with "Get Hard. It is NOT what you think". Awkward!

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