How Your Exterior Color Scheme Can Contribute to an Increased Profit of Your Home Sale | Guest Post

This article is a guest post by Baker Door Company, a dealer of garage doors in Harrisburg, United States.
Curb appeal is most important in selling a home. A house with good exterior colour schemes will invite potential buyers. This includes painting garage doors and other doors and window frames as well as exterior walls.
A new, coordinated paint job will increase the value of your home. New paint will make an older house look new and tell potential buyers that you care for your home. Your decision on colours will depend on the design of the home and any restrictions in your neighbourhood association, if applicable.
Remember that lighter colours can make a house look larger while darker tones can appear to shrink its size. Consider the exterior of your home as important as the interior when selecting colours.
Exterior walls and roof
Check around your neighbourhood and note the colours used for homes. A traditional design home may use greys and even blue tones while contemporary designs are often in browns and tan tones. Yellow, blue and green may be popular colours in your area. Build on those colours and stay consistent with the neighbourhood if they work with your architecture. 
The climate and environment may play a role in colour selections:
  • Wooded areas may feature homes with siding that looks like wood boards or shingles painted in brighter or darker colours. Roofs may be shingled.
  • Lovely old brick and stone exteriors found in the UK and the USA, usually have lighter trim that emphasises the masonry.
  • Homes in seaside areas may have lighter exterior walls.
Brick, slate and granite walls can be painted but it is usually better to pressure wash walls. The trim should receive new paint to give the home fresh curb appeal.
If you are replacing the roof, select a colour that complements the exterior of the house. Roofs are no longer dull black, grey or brown. They are available in a variety of colours and styles for all architectural design periods.
Doors and windows
Doors can be painted to contrast or complement the exterior wall colours. A dark green door will stand out against a pale yellow, cream or white exterior wall. Window sills and shutters can be painted in the same colour to frame the windows. You may want to carry the colour through to the garage door as well.
Brown and beige combinations with light cream trims are popular on traditional and contemporary designs. White or light colour doors and window frames will highlight a traditional red brick home. Contrasting paint can highlight architectural fixtures such as columns, dormer window and cornices.
Coordinated exterior colour schemes will involve at least two colours and often three. Doors and windows may use two colours with a light tone around the frames and a darker colour on shutters. Three colours work well if siding is to be repainted.
Add flower boxes painted to match the window trim to front windows. Flowers will enhance the exterior windows.
Your landscaping may include a fence that should be freshly painted to complement the house colours. A wood fence can be painted to match the front door or window frame colours.
Take the time to consider the colour combinations that will work for your home. A good colour scheme will add ambiance along with value to the exterior of your home.
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