A Boat and a Bank Holiday | Video

Last year our boats return to the water seemed so simple and straight forward. We bought her and just had a little painting and varnishing to do and then, on April 9th, she was launched. We had a little bit of water coming in, totally normal. And we straight away made ourselves at home.
We had the minor issue of not being able to sail or even really knowing how to motor her, let along moor her up correctly, so this year we were feeling a bit more confident.

Except, it all went a bit wrong. We discovered a lot of planks were rotten, and this was a job that was too big for us so we had to rely on the boat shed to fix it, as well as fixing our mast which was also rotten and split. Fun times!!

So, a month later than planned we eventually got her back in the water last Friday. Not only was she in the water, but the water was in her! It is normal for wooden boats to let in some amount of water, however this wasn't normal and as the water got higher and higher in the cabin the guys at the boat shed grabbed a pump and I distracted myself by taking Harry to get fish and chips. This year I realised that it isn't great for my anxiety to see her with planks removed or as she is launched in the water.

So, things had calmed down with the water coming in on Monday so we decided to go out for a motor. We still don't have a mast so motoring was our only option.
We grabbed a picnic, Harry found a pet ant called Elsa (obvs), I had a little photoshoot with the boys for an upcoming Sunuva review, and then headed out. We'd picked up some nets (99p! Bargain!) so the boys could go "fishing"....ok ok, I got a blue one for me too...however I think the only thing we will catch in a net in the Broads is something unpleasant.

We had a lovely motor. I enjoyed playing with my Go Pro and sitting on the bow of the yacht, kind of wishing the water wasn't as green and yukky as it is so I could dangle my feet in.
It wasn't all plain sailing though....I managed to crash the boat as we came into our mooring...thankfully there was no damage.
The boys picked daisies for me...seriously, they are the cutest boys, as soon as they see a daisy they pick one for me because they know I love them so much. And I made a daisy chain (or daisy train as Harry says) for Charles to wear as a crown.

When we got home I sat down with a coffee (ruined by me adding too much Disaronno too it. #coffeefail) and managed to put together a video of the afternoon which I am quite proud of. Its at the bottom of this post if you fancy a watch. Be kind, it was my first time using the Go Pro. Although....high fives for the music choice!! Thank you.

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