Caturday #1

We've had our first week with Walter now. Well, it will be a week tomorrow but you know, tomorrow isn't Saturday and if I'm calling this series Caturday then it kind of needs to go up today.

It's strange. I know to most people he is "just a cat" and treating them like a baby is ridiculous. But, he's 9 weeks old. He is a baby. And now, I am his mummy. I'm the one who feeds him, gives him his milk (albeit from a carton, not from my teats), keeps him safe and warm and gives him comfort.

There was a horrible moment when I was expecting him home last Sunday. I had already imagined him in our home and as part of our family, but my husband hadn't sent me a photo as we'd planned and then didn't reply to a text where I asked 'Is he lovely?' so I assumed the worst. I thought that in the time between me saying yes to us having him and that Sunday he had become ill.
Seeing my husband take out the strapped in car seat as he pulled up made my eyes fill up.
I didn't expect him to be so tiny. And with our other cat being so beautiful I kind of didn't expect him to match up to her. But my goodness, my heart kind of exploded at how cute and pretty he is. He has the most beautiful markings. Like a little tiger.

I think two biggest factors with his arrival are:
1. Jasmine, our other cat. She is coping better than we thought she would. She isn't happy and is a little stressed, however on Tuesday they came face to face, well two metres apart, and didn't hiss or groan. This happened twice so it was definitely progress compared to Sunday and Monday when it was a case of who can hiss and groan the loudest.

2. The boys. I can't blame them, they are excited and haven't really seen a kitten before. I am desperate for them to have a pet they can interact with as Jasmine isn't that forthcoming with them, and our rabbit isn't really that tame, so I want Walter to be the type of cat they can play with and cuddle up to.
The boys have been a little hyper and over-excited which is getting in the way of my plan to ease Walter in slowly and quietly. But then again, maybe it's best he is aware of how loud and screamy they can be?

It's funny to have this little creature who is so dependant on me. I had to remind myself that he isn't aware that his food is waiting for him downstairs and have had to take his food and milk to him. I think this is good though because he then see's that my role is as his mummy and he is able to trust me.

I was so nervous that I was jumping into something that we wouldn't be able to handle and that would mix up our dynamics and create more stress in the home. The truth is though, it feels right and he fits in perfectly.

I think within the next month he and Jasmine will either be on a level where they simply tolerate each other, or they will be friends.

I just feel sad now that I'll be missing a week of him as I go away to Stansted on Tuesday and then the Isle of Man on Wednesday. I'm expecting to come back to a fully grown cat who will probably have been taught, by my husband, how to play fight.

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