Five Things | Going Out Out

I've never really been one to go on nights out. I think settling down really young was part of the reason. We never really had that kind of lifestyle. And it always seemed to intimidate me anyway.
But now I'm older I'm kind of seeing the appeal. I feel like now I have a couple of fun, like-minded friends that a night out would be pretty fab!
With my best friend turning 30 three of us are having a night out tomorrow. Actually OUT, not just for a meal like we did at Christmas (where we managed to finish 3 bottles of wine. Oops) but actually OUT.

I have been looking forward to it for ages. The chance to dress up, to do my make up nice, to have a drink, or two, or three, to bump into old school friends, and just to have a bit of freedom for the night and to enjoy my friends company. As well as celebrating a birthday too.

However...for people not used to going "out out" there are certain things we keep discussing...

Where do we go?

In the town I live in there are two places you go for a night out. I've done one of the places a couple of times, pre-children, but our night out this time is in the other area.
We have decided, roughly, where we will start...because that's the rules right? Even if you are all meeting at someones house and then making your way out together you still have to have that one pub/bar that you start off at? Right?
And then there are the other places.
Are we too old for them? To uncool....or too cool (I joke)? Too over-dressed? Too under-dressed? Not chavvy enough?

What do I wear?

I have done that thing where you go through friends Facebook albums to see what they wear during a night out. I've always been super paranoid about being the one who is over-dressed. I think being someone who wears dresses rather than jeans and a pretty top I am always likely to look a little over-dressed. 
And as above, how do you dress appropriately if you are visiting a variety of places? For example, a dress that is suitable for a wine bar may look over-dressed in a pub, especially if the pub is a bit grubby or tends to have rockers in there when you look really girly and therefore completely out of place.
And shoes....what shoes do you wear? Nothing too dressy, but nothing too casual, nothing to high but nothing too short.
The colour has to compliment your dress and what about accessories? Do you have a handbag that matches?? What do we do about a jacket??

Is it socially acceptable to get excited when your favourite song comes on?

I get really annoyed at girls/women (must stop calling myself a girl!) scream and squeal at the most ridiculous of things. However, I do get really excited if a favourite song of mine is on anywhere in public. And I fear that, after a few wines and cocktails, I may end up being one of those girls/women (really must stop calling myself a girl) that annoys me.

How late do we stay out?

I feel like being mums means we have to be out of the pubs and bars at a reasonable time. Can we really stay out until 1am?! If I have my own way, then that will happen. 
I'm getting a taxi back to my mums so I can sleep off whatever I consume without having a child to tend to or being woken up at silly o clock to the sound of Thunderbirds playing downstairs and being shouted at because they are both hungry.
"Yeah, so is mummy. Now, go and grab me a McDonalds breakfast please" Not going to happen!

What if we peak too soon?

Starting off drinking around my friends house as we get ready and get in the mood to go out seems like a great idea. However, we have joked about passing out on the sofa and waking up saying "Wow! Last night was great, I can't even remember going out. We must have had so much to drink". When in reality, two bottles of Asti would be all that does it.

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