Britmums Live 2015 Room 4 Session Summary | LinkedIn

Confession...I took 3 notebooks to Britmums Live this year. And a ridiculous number of pens. The past two years I have taken endless notes in each session, writing down quotes from the speakers and copying things written on their presentations.
Being a room moderator meant that I was able to attend sessions that maybe I wouldn't have attended before. However, I was also really lucky to have some amazing sessions and I can honestly say that I learnt something from all of them.

I felt it was easier for me to tweet anything I found helpful this year, not only because it was quicker than writing it all down in a notebook but also to entice attendees into my room.
I wanted to collate all of my tweets together and thought it would be a good idea to write posts about each sessions but just focussing on my tweets. I figure that even though it may not make sense to some, and there may not be a huge amount of tweets, it could be helpful to others.

The first session I am sharing is actually the final session that was in my room this year.
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Alice Elliott, also known as the Fairy Blog Mother, offers tuition and advice to beginner and post-beginner bloggers. Her particular talent is explaining blogging “really simply” using ordinary, everyday language, and through tutorials and e-courses in a highly visual, step-by-step format. She is currently working on her new blog Beginner Bloggers, which will be stuffed full of simple and helpful ‘How-To’ posts that aim to clarify WordPress and other blogging issues. Alice believes that if technical things like blogging are explained properly from the beginning, this will make later advanced use a lot easier. @alice_elliott

"Make LinkedIn status updates enticing to read. What would you want to read? What interaction do you want?"

"Limit your posts on LinkedIn in one day. Do not repeat the same title and introduction. You risk being seen as a spammer"

"Reply to comments. Key to engaging and to create conversation"

"Engage. And share other peoples posts. It shows you read widely and appreciate other people."

"Have a LinkedIn badge on your sidebar. Update LinkedIn just as you would other social networking profiles"

"Set up a personal LinkedIn URL"

"LinkedIn is NOT about the *number* of followers but the quality of followers, having a valid reason to connect."
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