New Shoes for Summer | Review

Every year as soon as Summer hits I have the urge to buy all the sandals. I want flip flops, wedges (black and tan), strappy flats, jellies in a range of colours (yet still only own black). And don't get me started on the new wardrobe I want too.

This year top of my shoe lust list was a pair of black sandals, preferably something with a heel.
Brantano contacted me and asked if I would like to choose a pair of shoes from their site to review. We are very familiar with Brantano, in fact when it comes to shoe shops it is a favourite of mine...and my mums in particular.
The boys school shoes tend to come from there and it's always our first port of call if we need any other kind of footwear for them.
What we love the most about Brantano is that there is a wide range of brands available, and because of this there is obviously a wider selection of styles as well the fact that there are shoes available for any budget.
I'm not a shoe snob by any means and will look at the cheaper brands depending on my needs. When it comes to sandals, particularly black ones which I know I will wear a lot, I want to invest in a quality pair, and will be strict and choose leather because you know, plastic shoes + sweaty hot feet = all kinds of yuk.

Already owning a pair of tan Clarks wedges I headed straight to the Clarks section and fell in love with the Rusty Wish Wedges. The wedge is a little smaller than I usually like however I think it then means these work as an alternative to flats as well as being an ideal heeled shoe for more dressy occasions.
These women's two part sandals from Clarks, combine a modern wearable 5cm cork-effect wedge with an eye-catching lattice design. Black leather straps cross over the toe while an adjustable riptape strap fastens around the ankle for a secure fit.
They are so comfortable, and I was straight away able to wear them for a 2 day conference in London without needing to break them in or require blister plasters. And I was also able to wear them all day when we visited Alton Towers without needing to pop back to the hotel to change into my Converse.

Harry was also offered some shoes to review. I was really keen on getting him something quite "boy like" and robust. Something with good structure, that reflected his personality, and was suitable for playtime, sailing and also smart enough to wear for a meal out.
I narrowed down some choices for him and he ended up selecting these bright Adidas Advantage trainers. The three velcro straps make it easier for him to be able to put the trainers on himself without having to worry about laces.
The bright colours make these trainers a little less grown up, which I think is good for this kind of style.
The range of trainers available for boys in Brantano is fantastic and I love that we can shop there for school shoes, day to day shoes but also for trainers without needing to visit a specific sports shop.
Even better, Harry loves them. Which for a very fussy boy...is a relief!
Thank you Brantano for sending us these shoes to review.
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