Out of time? Here’s a makeup tip for the mummy on the go

Time is ticking – the kids get back from football practice at six, your sister wants to meet for coffee at four, the washing needs dried and folded by 12:30 and the shopping needs ordered online by 11. And this was supposed to be your day off!
You might love your little bundles of joy, but there’s no denying that having kids saps your time like a leech.
According to the Daily Mail, the average mum gets a grand total of 17 minutes of “me time” to relax and compose themselves.
The study also found that 51 per cent of mums regularly last weeks without any time alone. Their spare time is spent catching up with their favourite soaps or planning their packed schedule for the next day.
When you first become a mother fashion goes out the window along with a normal social life. But even the most knackered mum wants to look presentable.
With the stress of a busy schedule, spots and blackheads will make it seem as though by the plague in the 15th century. Yet the tired look of mummies on the go doesn’t always have to hold true.
Fighting the beauty rush
To help you combat a rushed look, we’ve been hunting down foundations that will give you even coverage in minimal time. And for our money, the Sheer Cover range is the ideal solution.
Everyone knows that liquid foundation is more finicky than the Enigma machine, and rapid application will leave you with a look that seems caked on and uneven. The last thing you want  is someone noticing clumps dolloped of makeup on your face.
Moreover, a tired face is prone to irritation, leaving you open to a nasty rash or mark when you use the wrong cosmetics.
The Hollywood look
Boffins at Sheer Cover have kept this in mind with their range of products. Their mineral makeup is devoid of oils, talc, dyes and perfumes, leaving you with a non-allergenic product that won’t agitate that precious skin.
Mineral makeup itself has been making waves in all sectors of the fashion world. Hollywood has even been knocking on its door. Its subtle effects and efficiency have made it perfect for use on outdoor sets and makeup artists on the move.
Applying makeup when you’re travelling has been a perpetual nightmare for even the savviest cosmetics enthusiast. Just look at the mess made when you try to slap on some lipstick in the back of a bumpy taxi.
But the mummy on the go needn’t worry about the powder on their face. So if you want to pick up the kids without looking frazzled, you know what to do.
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