Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Do you have that one room in your house that you know will never be what you want it to be?
I find with the more modern houses that any renovations are limited. Houses are made smaller these days.
There's that third bedroom which is more often than not a "box room" which you struggle to fit a single bed in.
Dining rooms are a thing of the past and are now pitched as play rooms, offices, and  the dining room is incorporated into the kitchen space, therefore reducing worktop space.
For us, well at least for me, the bathroom is the "problem" in our house.
Storage space being the main thing, and with it being a square floor plan we are too limited with rearranging items so have to work with what we have.

My ideal kitchen would have an island in the middle of it, and I feel like the bathroom alternative to this is a vanity unit. With units available to fit in any space, around any size or shape sink, and in a variety of colours and styles, I think they are the perfect addition to the bathroom and are the ultimate in bathroom storage, for me anyway. You can see a range of beautifuvanity units here.

I am an absolute horder of wicker baskets. They are all over my house, and the content of them are constantly changed. I've often wondered about placing them on the bathroom wall as a shelf, but didn't consider putting them up as per the photo above.

When it comes to bathroom storage hacks, this is probably the best one I have ever seen. 
Add an extra shower curtain rail over your bath and hang some plastic storage baskets. Perfect for children's toys, and items such as razors which need to be kept out of reach.

What are your storage tips for smaller rooms?
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