Buying a Watch Can Really Be Fun

Guest Post
Yes, there are plenty of us who absolutely loathe shopping. We live in your neighbourhood, work where you work, and holiday at the same destinations you find appealing. We just do not like to shop. So imagine my surprise when I recently had to shop for new watches for my partner and me. It was actually pleasant, if not downright fun.

What necessitated this online shopping trip? An accident on the water. We were enjoying a lovely afternoon of canoeing when, due to an inadvisable change of position on my part, we ended up tipping over and falling headfirst into the water. Because I ditched the canoe, I was responsible for fixing the damage – including replacing both of our cheap watches that didn't stand up to the sudden exposure to moisture.

I begrudgingly sat down in front of the computer that evening to begin my search. I was determined that this time, we were not going to settle for cheap just for the sake of doing so. I made myself a promise to shop until I found watches I actually wanted to purchase rather than just two I could settle on. It turned out to be a very good experience.

No Shortage of Style

One of the first things I learned on my shopping journey was the fact that there is no shortage of style when it comes to watches. I still remember the old days when there were not a lot of choices in our budget range. But that has changed. Now there's a lot we can afford that doesn't make us look like we're ready for retirement.

One example is a watch I found at Tic Watches. It is a rainbow coloured watch from Swatch – listed on the website as the GP140 Astible Gloss. Yes, it is plastic and relatively inexpensive, but it just looks cool. It's even water resistant up to 30m. It would have survived our little accident!

I also found this great Diesel men's watch at WatchShop; it's also known as the Double Down DZ1437. Talk about sleek and stylish; it's all black except for the steel winding button and grey accents on the hands. And yes, it would have withstood the water. It is water resistant to 50m.

A Function Bonanza

If style isn't all that important to you, I also discovered that watch making has come a long way in terms of function. The cheap watches we lost did nothing more than tell the time and date. What I found online blows those old watches out of the water, so to speak. Take the Accurist MB946BO sold by Tic Watches as an example. It is probably not out of your budget, and you get a lot for your money.

The MB946BO is the classic chronograph with the date display, glowing markers and hands, 24-hour sub-dial, stopwatch, and more. As for the looks, it appears more expensive than it really is.

Just Plain Fun

I think the most surprising thing I learned on my shopping journey is that watches nowadays can be just plain fun. They don't have to be all about just telling the time.

For example, the Olivia Burton Humming Bird watch at Watch Shop would be an ideal choice for a birdwatcher. It is elegant and well made with just enough whimsy to make it fun to wear. Imagine the conversations you could start with strangers seeing it for the first time. What a great way to tell them about birds.

I won't tell you what I decided on for my first purchases because I don't want to taint your shopping experience. However, I will tell you that I discovered buying a watch was more fun than I imagined. I think that maybe I am now ready to try shopping for other things as well. Perhaps it's time to also replace the camera we lost in the water.

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