Down By The River...Again

It had been two years since we visited the river at St Helens. My mum bought the boys a boat, an inflatable dinghy, to go in the water with and for one reason or another we didn't make it down there last year.
So, this year with lovely warm weather we headed straight there for the day to not only enjoy the sunshine but also to celebrate Harry's 4th birthday.
We enjoyed a picnic with that caterpillar birthday cake, fresh fruit and sandwiches and then spent the afternoon in and out of the river. Mostly out of the river for me because of my fresh tattoos but still, the boys it...but not as much as my mum who didn't want to get out of the water!

It's not just the fact that you can swim in this river, and that it is in a beautiful location, but the atmosphere also makes it really special.

Everyone is there having fun, making friends, enjoying themselves. There are people of all ages, some with fishing nets collecting the small fish that live in the river, some with boats and canoes and some with their dogs.
We were even joined by two other animals...but you'll have to watch my video to find out what they were.

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