Five Things | Coffee Quotes

Before I was pregnant with Harry I didn't really drink coffee much. I was more of a tea person. Then when pregnant with Harry I was completely put off tea. The taste of it made me sick, the smell of it made me feel sick, and so I turned to coffee as my alternative. And never looked back!
Last year I switched from having a white coffee to having black coffee and like it so much more! I never really understood people who had black coffee. I always thought they were just showing off, or pretending to be all "la-de-dah. Look at me appreciating coffee without any additional liquids (other than water)"...but actually it does taste so much better.

I think it would be fair of me to say that I do have a caffeine addition. Despite being told it could affect my anxiety and it being suggested that cutting down on caffeine could improve it, I actually find the opposite.

I'd love to have a blank wall in my kitchen to decorate with a variety of coffee quotes, most of which are on my coffee quotes Pinterest board.

I do actually own this top. I love it, and at £8 it is a complete bargain!
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