How I get Inspiration for my Home Decor Projects

I like home decor projects. It is an interest of mine and is something that I enjoy helping my friends and family with. At the moment I am wanting to redecorate a few rooms in my house and I am still at the research stage.
Local show homes and home staging websites
One of my best sources of inspiration is local show homes and as it turns out, by association, the work of home staging firms. Home staging by Emblem Furniture is not a service I can ever see myself using, but it turns out that I have come across their work and am using it for decorating ideas.
I like visiting show homes in my area. Show homes are a great way for me to visit rooms decorated in the latest styles without nosing around other people’s homes. I am not into visiting houses that people have for sale out of curiosity I don’t like getting people’s hopes up or wasting their time.
Show homes are great for me and it turns out that Emblem Furniture sets up a lot of the ones I have been visiting recently. Now I know this I have been able to find their website and bookmark some of the pictures of my favourite show home rooms.
The homes of my friends
Many of my friends live in houses that are very similar to mine, so when they redecorate I am always very interested. Most of my friends like to show me what they have done and it is a great way to see how the latest styles look in a home that is similar to mine. I may like the way the Beckhams decorate their home, but more often than not, that style simply will not work in my house.
DIY TV shows
Some of the best ideas come from DIY and home building TV shows. They are a great way to get me thinking outside the box. Using the web, it is easy to track down the paints, material and furniture used in the show and use them in my own home.
DIY stores and fabric shops
I also like wondering around DIY and decorating stores. Flicking through wallpaper books is something I still love to do although that is getting harder to do because many of the traditional small hardware shops that carry them have closed down.
Fabric swatches also get me thinking and inspire me. I may not be planning to buy any fabric, but I get colour combination ideas when going through fabric swatches.
Shop windows

My last source of inspiration is shop windows. If something catches my eye, I will stop and take a photo of the whole thing and zoom in to take a few photos of any items I particularly like.
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