JD Harris Deluxe Water Distiller | Review

Tap water is one of those things that we regularly hear horror stories from. The list of impurities and chemicals can make you wonder how on earth water is a healthy drink...right?

Even bottled water is revealed as having some impurities and currently in some areas people are being told not to drink water straight from the tap and to make sure it is boiled first.
Boiling water is time consuming, so water distillers are the ideal way of getting pure, clean water without the hassle.
With the Megahome Deluxe water distiller from JD Harris you get drinking water that is purer and cleaner than you have ever tasted.  

How the Deluxe Water Distiller works
You simply fill the Distiller with ordinary tap water and press the button turn it on…(it turns itself off automatically)
First the Distiller boils the water.  This kills viruses & bacteria and converts the water to steam. 
Converting the water to steam leaves the majority of the unwanted pollutants behind as a residue. The steam is then captured in a special stainless steel coil where it cools back to liquid water.
This now travels through an activated charcoal filter which removes volatile organic compounds like solvents and pesticides. 
Your tap water is now 99.99% pure.
It takes around five to six hours for the distiller to produce four litres of ready-to-use pure water. 
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Having a water distiller wasn't anything I had really considered until this review opportunity came up. It didn't seem that important and I didn't think I would notice the difference in the quality of the water. 
However, the difference is really obvious and the water does taste a lot cleaner, and softer.
This isn't a negative at all, but it is worth noting that the water distiller is quite large so if you are short on worktop space make sure you have made room for it before you purchase.

The deluxe water distiller is available to purchase from JD Harris for £124.00. As with a lot of the top kitchen appliances it is a little pricey, but of course you are paying for quality and for the job it does, which in this case is totally worth the investment.
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