Style over Substance

Us women, we put ourselves through a lot in the name of fashion...and vanity...don't we? Along with childbirth, menstrual cycles, and everything else our body goes through, we then add to that with waxing, plucking, squeezing ourselves into skinny jeans and wearing heels.

At the weekend I went to a garden party. I wondered for a while which shoes to wear. Did I really need to wear heels? Or could I get away with flip flops with my pretty blue lace dress. I opted for the heels, and everything was going well until 8 hours later when my feet were aching. I looked around, about an hour or so into the evening there were high heels laying on the ground, and a couple of women walking around with bare feet.
It's almost like standard practise for us now, isn't it? Completely normal for us to take our shoes off and risk cutting our feet on glass, or rocks, or to parade the blisters we have gained from those much desired shoes.

But it's worth it right?
Shoetique created the graphic below, showing how certain celebrities suffer for their art and their dedication for fashion.
And let's face it, they did a good job.

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