The most popular souvenir from Hungary

When most of us travel to new places, we are often search out the perfect souvenir to bring home from the trip.  What’s the attraction to souvenirs?  They are a tangible reminder of the places we've been and the memories we've made along the way.  For those visiting the Netherlands, wooden shoes are a popular keepsake.  All manner of things emblazoned with dragons are popular take-aways from China.  Everything from t-shirts to rugs emblazoned with the Union flag ubiquitous in the return luggage of travellers coming home from the UK.  What do people bring back from the beautiful country of Hungary?  Hungarian porcelain.
The famous Herend porcelain factory was founded in 1826.  Since then, it has become a world leader in creating some of the most beautiful true porcelain pieces.  Today, the factory and its beautiful porcelain piece are famous the world over.  A visit to Hungary wouldn't be complete without a visit to the factory and taking home a piece of this famous artwork.
Once you own a piece of Hungarian porcelain, you are among good company.  Pieces were created for the Vienna Exhibition in 1845, the Exposition Univerelle in Paris in 1855, the Great Exhibition in London in 1851 and others, turning the world’s attention to Herend and the company’s stunning works.  Royals and other upper-crust people placed orders for the piece around the world.  The company was even a supplier to the members of the Habsburg Dynasty.
Even today, the company continues to be a leader in high-end, meticulously hand-painted porcelain from its factory in Herend.  In addition to visiting the factory and purchasing a piece or two of porcelain to take home, visitors to the factory can also visit the on site museum.  There, visitors can see first had one of the largest collections of porcelain in the world and learn how the art of porcelain making has both changed (thanks largely to advances in technology) and stayed the same over the past 150 years.
If you are planning a trip to Hungary and have your heart set on bringing back a special souvenir that is distinctly Hungarian, consider purchasing a piece of Hungarian porcelain.  Although these delicate pieces will require a degree of care when transporting them back home on the plane (it’s always best to wrap your breakables carefully and pack them in your carry on luggage rather than your checked luggage to avoid any mishaps) it’s definitely worth the hassle to own a piece of this beautiful form of decorative art.

Souvenirs don’t have to be postcards and tacky coffee mugs.  Instead of purchasing the same run of the mill souvenirs on your next trip to Hungary, bring back a piece of beautiful porcelain that will make your home beautiful and be a stunning statement-making reminder of your trip.  Each piece is hand painted and one-of-a-kind, making them a beautiful gift either for yourself or for a loved one back home.
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