Getting baby ready for winter

When autumn leaves begin to crunch underfoot, one can be certain that those leaves will, before long, be replaced by the crunch of snow.  As the cold weather approaches, preparations for keeping Old Man Winter at bay.  This includes getting the littlest members of your family.  Here are some tips for getting baby ready for winter.
At home:
Because heat rises and babies spend a good amount of time playing on the floor, it’s important to ensure that baby is dressed warmly, even in the house during winter.  Also, always ensure their little feet are covered in warm socks and/or baby slippers to keep their feet from getting cold during tummy time on the floor.
As a safety measure, cover heaters and always supervise babies and young children when they are in a room with radiators, space heaters, wood-burning stoves or fireplaces.  It only takes a moment for a child to burn himself, so an ounce of precaution is never a bad thing.
After a bath, your baby can easily get a chill in the winter.  To avoid that, be sure you have a cozy towel and warm pyjamas at the ready.  Dry them off right away and put them in their cozy clothes as soon as possible, to keep them warm.
When it comes to sleeping, don’t be tempted to pile blankets on your child in his crib.  This can pose serious risks.  Instead, invest in a sleep sack, which is essentially a wearable sack, to keep your baby warm.
Going out:
When it comes to dressing baby to go out in the winter, avoid bulky winter jackets for winter clothing.  Thick, bulky jackets pose a safety threat to your child because they prevent the car seat harness from fitting snugly enough to keep the child safe.  Instead, dress baby in warm layers topped off with a fleece jacket and cover him with a cozy blanket once he is strapped into the car seat.  
It’s also important to keep baby’s head covered during the colder months.  The body loses a large amount of its heat through the head, so keeping the head covered is one of the best ways to ensure that baby doesn’t get cold.  A baby’s winter hat should fit snugly enough to stay on, but not too tight.  Remember, baby’s heads are delicate!  
You may not think of this when considering how to keep baby warm in the winter, but a remote starter for your car is a great investment if you have a baby in the family.  It’s much better to bring baby from a warm house to a warm car than having to wait for the frigid car to warm up.  Having the car already warmed up in advance also eliminates the need to bundle baby up as much.  
When you go from the cold outdoors to an indoor setting, be sure to remove some of baby’s layers, including his hat.  This will prevent baby from overheating once he is in a warmer environment.
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