Through The Phone

I have had the most amazing support from friends recently.
It's been overwhelming at times, in a nice way of course.
It's been comforting to have people there, pretty much 24/7, either on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Good ol' social media hey?!

But as much as there is that support, that amazing, overwhelming support, it's all received through my phone.
That comfort, that I so desperately need, although it is there and is appreciated so much, is still not quite enough.

I have these feeling, this urge, this craving of needing to be held. Needing to feel wanted. Needing to feel like I matter, to someone.
Part of me feels like as much as people maybe want to be there, that there is a feeling of wanting to keep me at arms length. 

I'm ok. I'm not needy, negative or someone who will soak up every piece of positive energy from someone else.
I just want, and need, what everyone else does. Company. Comfort.
Just to feel a little more grounded, and human. 
To feel that I am still part of the real world and not this world that exists inside my phone. Where everyone seems to live.
To feel like I am not alone.
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