How Well Do You Know Strictly Come Dancing?

I used to be obsessed with reality programmes, and talent shows.
Fame Adacademy, Pop Stars and Pop Idol were my favourites "back in the day" and Big Brother still being a firm favourite.
I always appreciated the talent search aspect, and the psychological side of programmes such as Big Brother.
Although now a lot of the replacement programmes seem to be 50% about talent and 50% about finding people to make a fool of themselves for our entertainment.

One programme that does keep to the talent and skill is Strictly Come Dancing.
Now, I'll be honest, I don't watch Strictly Come Dancing religiously. However, this year with local boy Anthony Ogogo, it seems only right that I watch to at least support someone from my home town.
And this is the thing about Strictly. These celebrities are learning a new skill and with most of them stepping out of their comfort zones to take part in something which they maybe have never, or would never, have had experience of is quite interesting to watch.

WhichBingo have created an online quiz to see how well you know Strictly Come Dancing. I didn't do too well, scoring just 9 out of 20. Can you do any better?

Anthony Ogogo on Strictly Come Dancing
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