It’s all about the location: The first time buyer’s guide to buying a home in the UK

‘Location, location, location’ has long been the estate agent’s favourite mantra and for good reason. Where a property is situated can greatly affect your happiness and quality of life, so if you’re looking to get on the housing ladder, here’s a purchasing guide for first time buyers:

1. Where do you want to be?

Whether you’re living with family or currently have a wealth of things in storage units like the ones found here, you might be dying to find a secure base of your own – somewhere you can call home. This is all well and good, but before taking the plunge, be sure to pause for a while and think carefully about where you want to be. While country bumpkins might feel more contented surrounded by cows and fields, city lovers might prefer somewhere more urban. Sure, you might think you can live anywhere but you might find adapting to your new life more difficult than you first thought so bear this in mind before taking out a mortgage.

2. Think about transportation routes

While properties near to decent transportation routes, such as motorways or train stations, tend to be considerably pricier they might be worth your investment. As well as being somewhat easier to sell if you ever decide to move on, access to public transport facilities and main roads is a must, particularly if you intend to commute to work on a daily basis. Similarly, if your children will be attending local schools, make sure they can get there easily be it by bus, bike or being dropped off in the car by you. Every family knows that morning routines are difficult enough without having to travel far and wide, so make your life as simple as possible by finding a convenient property.

3. Consider local facilities

Looking around a property is one thing, but don’t forget to check out the local area too.
The local community will potentially have a big impact on your life, so check there’s plenty going on and find out more about the street on which you intend to live. Before agreeing on a house, it’s also worth driving around the area to see where all the nearest facilities are including supermarkets, shopping centres, garages, churches, nurseries, schools and pubs. While some people choose to live in the middle of nowhere, where a butchers and post office is about all you can expect, others prefer far more hustle and bustle, so again opt for somewhere that’ll suit your personality and needs.

4. Suss out crime rates

Buyers of all ages can find themselves unintentionally living in an environment which has a high crime rate, so avoid walking into this by checking out crime statistics online. A village, town or city might look wonderful at first, but delve a little deeper and you’ll start to see the cracks. Of course, nowhere is perfect but with a little research you’ll get a good idea about where you can set up home peacefully and where you might have problems further down the line.
Moving home is a daunting experience, but the above tips will help you find somewhere that’s right for you.
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