Arts and Crafts Activities to do with the kids this Christmas

There are hundreds of arts and crafts activities to do this Christmas time with the children but you don’t want to do the same old things that they do every year at school. So let’s think outside the box and create something a little bit different. Some of these great ideas be used as gifts for loved ones as well.
Christmas Crackers – Why buy Christmas crackers when you can make your own? Put your tube (kitchen roll) on top of crepe paper from Homecrafts and attach a cracker snap inside, not forgetting your surprise gift and joke. Wrap the crepe paper around the tube and decorate the outside with ribbons and Christmas pictures. The added bonus is that you get to put gifts inside that people really want to receive.
Cork reindeer – This cute idea uses all those spare bottle corks that you might have sitting around during the festive period. Simply use one cork for the body, half a cork for the neck, half a cork for the head and split in half two corks for each pair of legs. Make some antlers and a tail using a pipe cleaner. You can always add extra details like eyes, a nose and maybe a little bow to your reindeer.
Penguin bottles – Using old plastic drinks bottles you can make sweet penguins that look great. Paint the outside of the bottle black and white for the penguin’s body or cover with coloured paper. Paint the top a bright colour as though it is the penguin’s hat and add a little pom-pom to make the bobble. For the feet, cut out shapes made of card or felt. Draw on a penguin face and use a piece of ribbon for a scarf. For a little bit extra you can always fill them up with sweet treats.
DIY Hand warmers – The weather gets really cold over the Christmas period but this carries on well into February most years so make something that can be used over and over again. Making your very own sets of hand warmers for the whole family can be a really useful item to have. Lifehacker.com shows you how to do this using vinegar, baking soda and a stove.
Homemade candles – Fill your home with a festive ambience by making seasonal candles with the children.
Yarn pom–poms – Grab a bright roll of yarn and wrap it gently around your finger around 50 times. Cut off any excess and slip the loop of yarn off your finger but be careful that it doesn’t unravel. Cinch at the middle of your yarn and use scissors to cut the loops. Fluff it up and then add to a gift, card or decoration using the ends to tie on the pom–pom.

Wrapping paper – Whatever the age of your children they can all create their own very unique Christmas wrapping paper rolls. Buy a long roll of white plain paper or large sheets of white paper. Give your kids lots of different items to decorate with such as pens, stampers, paints and of course glitter. Just remember with the glitter to put the paper on a tray or you’ll be finding glitter everywhere until the following Christmas!
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