Tackling cultural misconceptions in today’s children: do you dare?

The countries and cultures of the world today have the ability to connect and cooperate in ways that lay the groundwork to create worldwide business, with all the benefits that diversity brings. Encouraging your children to understand other cultures and overcome cultural misconceptions will prepare them for success in a multicultural future.
Teaching your children about other cultures
Approaching the topic of other cultures with your children has become essential with the growing levels of diversity. There is more exposure from an early age to other cultures, without travelling very far at all.
An educational and fun starting point is to buy maps and globes of the world to show your children where they live and how vast the world really is. Knowing where other countries are and understanding the different regions of the world can help your children to relate to other cultures.
The depth of knowledge about the countries can be scaled for age-appropriate learning to make it fun, no matter how old your children are. Even the youngest (and the oldest) among them can appreciate tasting delicious authentic cuisine or learning about celebrations and festivals in other cultures. Treating differences as natural and not making them taboo topics for your children, but instead discussing them in a respectful and open manner will help to impart the normalcy of diversity.
Literature about other cultures, or even directly from other countries can encourage curiosity, as books, especially biographies, create a connection with people from around the world. An even more personal method of connecting, and one that might inspire any child able to write, is to find a pen pal from another country with whom your child can exchange letters.
Learning understanding for a bright future
As the countries of the world become more and more interconnected, with advances in technology allowing unprecedented travel and communication, business conducted with people from a variety of countries will continue to increase.
From all over the world, ambitious and successful people are branching out and creating locations and connections in many different countries. Emerging economies in places such as the Middle East are contributing to the economic future of the UK as their businessmen reach out to expand their influence. Those who have an understanding and acceptance for other cultures will find themselves poised to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities available to someone who can look past cultural misconceptions.
Well-known businessmen like Fahad Al-Rajaan have taken the opportunities available to work internationally. Al-Rajaan found profit even when faced with economic difficulties, in part because of his willingness and ability to work with other countries in the world instead of remaining only within his small sphere.

Teaching your children about other cultures can seem like an overwhelming task – after all, there are so many and it is hard to know where to start. However, incorporating lessons about different countries and their people, and tackling misconceptions when they arise will not only create a brighter future for your children but will give them a more compassionate worldly perspective.
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