Ways for Gamers to Get Involved in Charity

Being a world-class gamer doesn't mean that you cannot get involved with helping out charities that do good work in the community. Across the UK, gamers have regular get-togethers, order in some Domino's Pizza, perhaps a tub of Ben and Jerry's, and then get busy with the wireless gaming controller battling it out. Is it possible to have this much fun and still help out charities struggling to get funding in the UK? You bet!
Here are few ways that gamers can combine their love of gaming with charitable involvement to add that community feel-good factor.

Sell and Donate

If you're like many console-loving gamers we know, then you'll probably have a number of old discarded gaming consoles and also hand-held consoles just lying around the flat or house unused. You think that you'll get around to playing that old version of a classic game, but the latest games on your newest console acquisition hold your attention pretty strongly. Believe us, we know the feeling!
What we suggest is that you look at what old consoles and console games you have that you no longer use. Consider selling them on eBay, Amazon Marketplace or through your local copy newspaper's classified section to raise some extra cash. This extra cash can then be donated to a worthy cause.

Gaming Marathons

As we alluded to in the introduction, we love the gaming marathons over the weekend where the boys can get together and geek out with their favourite games. Whether these are played against other online players or through a LAN connection with PCs/consoles networked together for the ultimate offline competition, it's possible to spend many hours in competition with friends and old enemies alike!
Why not include a charitable element to the marathon? Each player adds twenty quid into the gaming kitty and the winner gets to donate their winnings to a worthy charity of their own choosing.

She's Got Balls!

Ladbrokes Bingo have a promotion going that supports the Orchid charity which funds research into male cancer treatments. A worthy cause that gets less media attention (and funding) than other types of cancers. Orchid is certainly a good charity that gamers can get behind.

Enter Gaming Competitions

How good are you really? Do you think that you can enter a competition for your favourite game and beat out all the other entrants to win the cash prize? If you think that you're really that good, then why not plan to donate the winnings to charity? This can give you the extra motivation to fight back when you're behind on the scoreboard and you need that extra push not to give up against stiff competition.

Stream Live Games

Whether you are a YouTube gaming channel owner or you like to share live streams of games in other ways, it is possible to stream games live, generate ad click revenue, and then donate the money made to charity. It is not acceptable with most advertisers to encourage ad clicks purely for the purpose of raising advertising revenue for donation (this would hurt the advertisers), but any donation could be made public after-the-fact without breaking any rules.

There are many other ways that gamers can combine their love for gaming with charitable activity. What ones can you think up?
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