10 things you MUST consider when choosing a wedding venue

When choosing a wedding venue there are more things to consider than just how good it looks and the price (of course these are important aspects), be sure to check for the following things before settling on a location:

1. Have you thought about logistics?
You might find a venue that seems perfect, but it’s a good idea to check how far the location is from where the vast majority of your guests live, whether it has parking and accommodation on site or close by. Think about how everyone is going to get there to ensure you don’t upset or disgruntle your guests, it is your day but you want everyone to be able to get to your wedding as easily as possible.

2. How many people can the venue can accommodate?
The size of the venue is very important and any space can appear huge when you first look around it but you need to bear in mind how full it will be once the tables, DJ and catering set up are in place. Be sure your venue can accommodate everyone before you put a deposit down.

3. Are there any decoration guidelines?
Check with the venue that you can hang things up and move furniture around, some places are stricter than others and you might find yourself restricted on the day and that you can’t put up decorations as you like. You should also check what the venue itself provides, some are full service, which means they offer everything from the chairs to the tablecloths, while others require you to source these things yourself.

4. What time can you start setting up?
Some venues can be fussy about how early they let you in to start setting up, while others are flexible and allow you to come in the day before – some will even do it for you! Check what this aspect of the venue entails to avoid any last minute stress.

5. Is the venue available to wedding guests only?
Some venues remain open to other members of the public, while being used as a wedding venue, which puts you at risk of gate crashers in the evening. Opt for a venue that once booked out is only available to you, to avoid this.

6. Is there an alcohol license?
Most venues will be able to distribute alcohol but some – usually outdoor venues – don’t have a license to provide alcohol so you will need to bring your own. Check this detail beforehand or you might find yourself having a sober party!

7. Will the venue provide catering, or can you source your own?
More and more couples are opting for less traditional foods at their wedding, shunning the three course sit down meal and bringing in fish and chip vans and ice cream trucks.

8. What about extra fees?
Some venues like to slap on extra fees when it comes weddings, from uncorking your bottles of champers to a fee for cake cutting. Check what additional extras you might have to pay for before signing anything. The Daily Mail recommends serving up your cake as dessert at your meal, to save costs, which is a great idea if you have decided to prioritise paying for top-class rings from 77diamonds.com.

9. Is there a cancellation policy?
In the unlikely event you need to cancel your wedding venue it’s a good idea to check whether you will get your money back or if there is a time limit on when cancellations can be made by to at least return everything but your deposit. You should also check what happens should the venue need to cancel on you, to avoid any heartbreak or loss of money.

10. Are there enough electrical outlets?
No, not for when your phone battery has died! You will need plenty of places to plug in fairy lights, the DJ set up, any catering stations etc. and you could find yourself getting a little stressed if you discover at the last minute there isn’t enough. If you’re unsure leave some extension leads at the venue for people to access.
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