6 cleaning hacks from the pros

If your budget doesn’t extend to hiring a cleaner, keeping your home spick and span can be a tedious business. Most modern families are so busy working, transporting children to a whole variety of social occasions as well as simply keeping on top of life that there’s little time left for domestic chores. Here are a few tips to help you become a domestic god or goddess, that will ensure you can manage your timetable and your budget.

1. The right equipment helps

In order to cut down on time make sure that you have the right cleaning equipment. A pair of gloves from Brosch Direct will help you keep your hands soft and will protect you from any abrasive cleaning solutions, As well as commercial products you should always stock up on lemons and vinegar. Dusters, disposable paper cloths and wet wipes should also form a part of house cleaning arsenal.

2. Create your own air freshener

In a recent article in The Independent, Juliet Davenport, the CEO of electrical supplier Good Energy, stated that in order to overcome the many demands on her time and clean her house, she had found that a mixture made up of lemon juice and water acted as a wonderful air freshener.

3. Cleaning wood

Commercial polish doesn’t always result in beautiful wooden furniture or floors.
It can also be difficult to apply and cost a fortune. One way to get around this problem, and save money as well, is to make up a mixture of ‘one part lemon juice to two parts of olive oil.’ This solution will clean all wooden surfaces and is quick and easy to apply. Some experts suggest that if you have any mixture left over, you can always add it to your salad!

4. Eradicate greasy stains

Clothes, table cloths and sheets can all suffer from greasy stains. The House Steward at the National Trust property, Nuffield Place, Joanna Gamester, recommends that sprinkling some chalk over the affected area before you put the items in the washing machine. This process will eradicate the stains and means that you won’t have to take the damaged material to the dry cleaners.

5. Cleaning the grouting

Most contemporary bathrooms and kitchens have at least one wall covered with ceramic tiles. In order to fix the tiles to the wall the builder will have used grouting, which can look dirty very quickly if you don’t keep on top of your tile cleaning. Mumsnet recently hosted a debate on this subject and many advocated the advice given by TV clean guru Anthea Turner. Bicarbonate soda mixed with water is the answer to any of your grout cleaning problems. You can apply this mixture with a toothbrush and then simply wipe it away leaving your tiles and grouting sparkling and clean.

6. Cola isn’t just for drinking

Fizzy drinks receive a lot of bad press but one area where they are positively beneficial is when used as an aid to household cleaning. Even the Coca Cola company acknowledge that some people use their drink in this way. Simply splash some cola into your lavatory and any stains will be removed once you clean the bowl with your lavatory brush. Cola also cuts through any oil stains on your garage floor.
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