How to involve your children in your big move

Selling your property, be it via an estate agent or a company like We Buy Any Home, can be a daunting and somewhat nerve-wracking experience – not just for you, but for your kids too who might be worried about moving away from their friends, starting a new school or something simple (but huge in a child’s world) such as getting a new bedroom.
With this in mind it’s really important to make the move as smooth and natural as possible for little ones and you can do this by involving them in the whole process – here’s how.
Ask them where they’d like to live
To help your children feel like their opinions on the house move matter, ask them where they’d like to live – or what type of property they would prefer. While you might get some rather random answers such as Peppa Pig World or Cinderella’s castle, you could also guide their answers by asking whether they’d like to live in the city or country or whether they would prefer a bungalow or a house. You could even show them the houses you are trying to decide between to see which one they prefer or ask if they wouldn’t mind having a smaller bedroom in exchange for a bigger garden.
Of course, it’s down to the adults to make the final decision, but being honest and open with your kids from the start and asking for their input should reduce their anxiety levels and get them excited about moving somewhere new.
Take them on house viewings
While many kids dislike the thought of moving and show visible signs of irritation, upset or annoyance, you might be able to help them think in a more positive way by taking them to house viewings. As soon as they see what properties are out there they might start to feel better about relocating – especially if something works in their favour such as being closer to their school (meaning a few more minutes in bed in the morning).
If you’ve found a house you really like and are close to signing a deal, you could also take the kids along to a final viewing and suggest ways in which the house can be made really fun – such as turning that spare third bedroom into a games room or transforming the attic into a cosy, fun den for sleepovers. Kids of all ages really need to see the benefits of being dragged from their current place of comfort, so be prepared to sell the property you like to them too.
Ask them to help with packing
Packing up a house with kids underfoot is never easy, which is why there’s plenty of advice for stressed parents online, but one of the best ways to make the process easier and to get your children involved with the big move is to ask them to help. While very young children can do things like placing objects in boxes, older kids can organise, sort, label, tidy up, move suitcases from A to B and do other tasks that’ll make your life easier.
Knowing how to pack up your home will save time and energy, so try to use colour coded boxes where possible (one for clothes, one for games, one for DVDs and so on) and ask each child to take responsibility for their bedroom in the weeks running up to the move, before moving onto communal areas.
Kids will feel the stress of a house move as much as you, so try to make the process as organised, fun and entertaining as possible being sure not to keep them uninformed about any important details.
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