How to protect your home for less

Protecting your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You don’t have to invest in expensive WiFi controlled security systems. If you ensure that your doors and windows are well protected, then many burglars will see this as a sufficient deterrent to avoid breaking into your property.

Make your home safe

One of the easiest ways of making your home impregnable is to invest in some products from specialists like Security Direct. The company has a ‘Bargain Basement’ section on its website that offers discounted products from cancelled orders and store samples at a greatly reduced price. If you want to ensure that your doors and windows are secure then roller shutters and security grilles are a proven way of keeping your property safe.

Buying a house – do your homework

A recent article published by The Week, taking information from a survey carried out by Moneysupermarket.com showed that one of the easiest ways of protecting your house from crime is to live in a safe area. East London has very high crime statistics and most urban areas across the UK can boast a considerable number of burglaries. It’s always worth checking out local crime statistics before you move house. Of course once you move, even to a relatively crime free area, you should always ensure that your house is as secure as possible.

Common sense

It costs absolutely nothing to ensure that you never hide your key under a flowerpot or leave a spare key for your house in the garage, or accessible through the letterbox. Last year, though, 6,000 burglars accessed homes thanks to this type of negligence.

Another security measure that is very cheap is to not tell the whole neighbourhood when you’re going away on holiday, and cancel the milk and newspapers in advance of your departure. Otherwise you’re positively inviting a criminal to drop in during your absence if it's obvious the house in unoccupied.

Alarms will save money

If you are having financial difficulties you can always install a dummy alarm box outside your home. The problem is that this box won’t be lit and most criminals can distinguish between a genuine or fake alarm box. Contact an alarm company and see if you can set up a direct debit to make repayments in regular instalments.
This action could save you the trauma and expense of a break in and will ensure that your home is secure at all times. An alarm will also bring down the cost of your house insurance premiums.

Good locks on windows and doors

It is essential that you have strong locks on all of your doors and windows. Don’t be conned into buying cheap imitations and always ensure that your locks are carrying the BSI kitemark. An article on the Metropolitan Police website suggests that you always check that your doors and windows are made of good quality materials.

Fit external lights to your doors

If you can’t afford a motion sensor light, then at least make sure that your door and garage are always well lit. The Met also suggest that a low cost option is the installation of low watt bulbs that can be operated by a light sensitive cell that works on an automatic basis. Your home will then be lit throughout the hours of darkness whether you’re in or not.
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