Starting Botox Young – The Pros and Cons You May Not Have Thought About

One topic that seems to keep coming up on beauty blogs and in the press in general is the concept of early, or 'preventative' Botox. This where women in their twenties, early thirties, or even in some extreme cases late teens, begin having Botox injections in sites on their faces where they anticipate wrinkles may appear later in life.
As Botox works by paralysing the muscles under the skin, stopping you from making the facial expressions that cause expression lines to form over the years, the idea is that these treatments will stop you getting wrinkles at all, or at least dramatically delay their onset.
However, while this sounds great in theory, nobody really knows if it works or not, because early Botox only became a trend recently and none of the young women who have been having it are old enough yet to really gauge whether it's worked.
This means if you are considering starting Botox young, you are really taking a bit of a gamble. Here are some of the pros and cons you might not have thought about:

It Can't Do Any Harm, Right?

Trying out early Botox does seem like a sound approach, even if the long term results aren't in yet. We do know that the main contributor to facial lines is movement, and that Botox works by stopping this. While other factors related to ageing like depleted skin elasticity will not be affected, if the theory is right then you could end up looking wrinkle free for far longer if you have Botox young, and if it doesn't turn out to work, you haven't lost anything in beauty terms. This makes it seem like it could be worth a 'shot', as long as you are OK with the cons...

Financial and Time Commitment

When you are young, working and relatively free of other commitments, spending your free time and money on your looks seems like a good way to use it – after all it makes you feel happy and confident. The trouble is, that Botox is something you need to have done regularly to maintain the benefits, which means the earlier you start, the longer your commitment will be. When you are older, perhaps with children, a mortgage and other things that seem like a bigger priority for your time and cash, will you still be OK with a bi-monthly expenditure on Botox and the time it takes to get it done, even though as yet, you probably won't be seeing any immediate results from it?

Weighing it Up

The decision about whether to start getting Botox young is one you should think through. If you are comfortable with the long term commitment and the costs, then go for it (but make sure you choose somewhere professional and safe like cotswoldfaceaestheticsclinic.co.uk). If these are off putting to you, just wait until later in life when you can either have Botox with immediate benefits, or there may even be something even more effective on the market!
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