Winter crafting with the kids

Winter is the best time of year for crafting with the kids as we have Christmas, snow and plenty of time off from school to look forward to! Check out these winter crafting ideas for the kids, to keep them occupied when the weather gets really chilly outside:

Finger knitting
While browsing your crafting publications you have delivered via magazine subscriptions, you might consider knitting an ideal craft for the kids to undertake but aren’t sure if they can manage using the tools required.

That’s where finger knitting comes into play and is relatively simple to teach, allowing you to create fun items such as a scarf, a bookmark or friendship bracelets. Pick out festive themed or winter colours for the wool and work together to create something they can use afterwards. Here is a great tutorial to follow.

Toilet tube bird feeder
This crafting project is perfect for winter and for also encouraging the kids to take an interest in what happens in the garden, by creating a bird feeder you’re providing food for the birds in the colder months, when it’s harder for them to find.

Simply take a finished loo roll tube, punch two holes in the top and pull string or twine through these, tie in a knot, spread peanut butter or lard over the whole tube and then roll it in bird seed and you’re done! You can create a few of these to hang around the garden then spend the rest of the day watching for birds and ticking off which ones pay you a visit. This YouTube video goes into detail how to create your own.

Paper snowflakes
Most kids won’t get to do this fun craft at school these days, so grab some printer paper and get them cutting (be sure to supervise when scissors are involved) to create some pretty snowflakes they can stick on their bedroom windows.

Footprint penguin
This one is great if you don’t mind the kids getting a little messy and is a lovely way of cherishing them when they’re small – they don’t stay that way for long! Simply take some black paint, place your child’s foot in it and then get them to stand on a white piece of card. Once this footprint is dry decorate it like a penguin, with the toes for the feet and the heel of the foot for the face.

Handprint reindeer
Much like the penguin, kids can use body parts to create other winter animals that can be used as card designs or hung on the fridge. Simple paint your kid's hand in brown paint then get them to transfer this onto a colored piece of card (one hand print creates the head and antlers and another upside down one underneath for the body, this tutorial is a great example), once this is nearly dry stick on a red pom pom or glitter glue for the nose and a bell onto a red painted on collar. A googly eye, which can be found in packs, at retailers like Hobbycraft, can finally be added to finish off his face!

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