5 Great Reasons to Travel to Turkey in the Winter

Turkey is one of the most highly sought-after travel destinations on the planet, but did you know that travelling there in the winter is also hugely popular? In fact, there are several great reasons why you should travel to Turkey during the winter season. Continue reading to learn about them.

You'll Save a Lot of Money

Travelling to Turkey may not be cheap at all, depending upon where you're starting your journey. But if you head there in the winter, you can save a significant amount of money on your flight, as well as on your hotel, such as IHG hotels Istanbul. And you will also save money on various activities, restaurants, and tours once you arrive at your destination as well. So if you are a budget traveller, you should definitely book your journey to Turkey during the winter months.

Skiing Resorts are Far Less Crowded

Many people from all over the world travel to Turkey for skiing, as there are a lot of pristine areas that you can enjoy, but it is still pretty uncharted territory when compared with other ski areas on the planet. So if you enjoy the snow and you absolutely need a ski getaway, consider heading out to Turkey during the winter, as there won't be many skiers in your way, and you can enjoy resorts like those near Antalya.

Avoid the Crowds

Travelling during the tourist season, which is the summer in Turkey, requires that you have the patience to deal with a lot of other travellers, and the most popular places throughout the country, from its cities to its beaches, can become uncomfortably crowded. For example, you'll typically encounter large groups of cruise tourists along western Turkey throughout the summer. But because there aren't any cruises in the winter and because the weather isn't as ideal, Turkey really empties out during that time of year. This means you can explore everything that the cities have to offer without having to wait on long lines, and you can go hiking and explore the natural world as well without having to worry about people being in your way.

You Can Visit Istanbul and Enjoy the Local Cuisine

Turkish food is unique and delicious, and Istanbul features a few tours that you can participate in to try the many yummy flavours at all of the cafes, street food stalls, spice markets, produce markets, and restaurants throughout the city. And, again, you can do it all without having to worry about dealing with an annoying crowd of people.

Enjoy the Hot Springs

The winter is the perfect time to enjoy the fact that Turkey has several natural hot springs that can naturally heal and rejuvenate you. Check out Pamukkale, as well as the thermal resorts in Mugla, Bursa, and along the Black Sea, and take a dip into the warm water to soothe your entire body.
With so many great reasons to travel to Turkey in the winter, you can plan your getaway and have the time of your life even when the temperature drops.
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