How To Use Technology To Stay Organised in 2016

Is your resolution each year to become more organised, only to the end of the year feeling more disorganised than ever before? This year, by using technology to help with your organisation, you may find that you are finally able to keep to your New Year’s resolution!   

Technology has made organisation easier than ever before and as a result smartphones and tablets have become an essential tool for managing your life.

With ‘an app for everything’ there are many extremely useful ones that can help you become more organised. So, why not delete those games you never play? Download a few of these apps and use technology to stay organised in 2016.

Cozi Family Organiser - A family calendar
Ever sat at home and wondered where an earth everyone is? Or organised a family gathering only for your kids to moan that they had already told you they have plans that day? Well, not anymore! With this app you can manage everyday life and keep the whole family in the loop with a family calendar that everyone can add or edit appointments in. You can also set reminders, as well as sharing a shopping list and to do lists.  

Todoist - A daily to do list
A daily ‘to do’ list is the perfect way to stay on top of tasks that need doing throughout the day, enabling you to tick them off as you go. However, do you find that you end up writing what you need to do on so many different scraps of paper and losing half of them, and that you feel more confused than when you started your list? The beauty of technology is that you can have one definitive list in one place! Todoist enables you to colour-code your priorities, label things to do and share projects in one place.

Mealboard - Menu planning
Is cooking dinner getting in the way of your organisation, because you never know what to cook, continuously picking up ingredients from the shops, before finally actually cooking it? Save time and stress when it comes to cooking by making a menu plan this year! Mealboard combines recipe management, meal planning, as well as grocery and pantry management into one app.

This app can be customised to help keep you on top of birthdays, traffic conditions before you leave for work, urgent e-mails, even the breaking scores from your football team! This is a perfect way to manage your life every day, including what you need to do, where you need to go and how to get around.

Spending Tracker – Track your spending…
Stay on top of your spending with this app! It enables you to log your transactions and assign them to pre-set budgets for travel, entertainment, groceries and so on. Any remaining budget can be carried over!

If a cracked screen means you won’t actually be able to make full use of these apps and have been too disorganised to get it fixed, what are you waiting for? Make the first step to becoming more organised in 2016 by heading down to Lovefone where it will be fixed so quickly and easily. Then you can start using it again as you continue on the road to becoming much more organised this year!

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