5 Home Security Tips Provided by Locksmiths

Locksmiths are experts when it comes to properly securing your home, so you should definitely take their advice to heart and apply it to your own property in order to keep it safe from home invaders.

Continue reading for a short list of five helpful home security tips provided by locksmiths.
  1. Install Deadbolts

Strong deadbolts should be installed on each exterior access door throughout your home, as these are much more secure than standard locks. As soon as you move into a new home and have new locks installed, consider upgrading to deadbolts that function optimally and are made of really strong and durable materials. If you are unable to install these yourself, you can hire Croydon lock smiths to get the job done for you.
  1. Have Motion Activated Lights on the Exterior of Your Home

Keeping the exterior of your house well lit at night is another step that will help you stay safe upon your arrival home at night. Opt for lights that turn on automatically by using convenient motion sensors, as these lights can alert you to any movement outside that you otherwise would not be aware of while sitting inside.
  1. Remove Potential Hiding Places for Burglars

Look around the exterior of your home and try to figure out where a burglar would be able to hide easily without you realising that they are there. You may, for example, have tall and thick shrubs along the perimeter of your home that would allow a burglar to hide while looking into your windows to see if anyone is home and to find a way to break into your property. By keeping these shrubs trimmed and the exterior of your property clutter free, you can remove a lot of the hiding places that home intruders would be able to use, and you will more easily be able to see what is going on outside.
  1. Properly Secure Double Doors and Windows

If you have French doors or double doors, make it a point to ensure that they are properly locked. This means that there shouldn’t be a gap between these doors where an intruder would be able to use a pocketknife or other item to unlatch your stationary door.  
In addition to securing every type of door that leads into your home, you also need to take careful note of your windows to ensure that they are also providing adequate amounts of security. Every window should latch and lock correctly, and you can even go ahead and add track locks to sliding windows easily.
  1. Have an Alarm System Installed

Finally, in addition to having the right locks throughout your home, you can go a step further and have an alarm system installed that will alert the police as soon as someone tries to break in. Have this alarm engaged both while you’re home and while you’re away from home.
With the five tips above, you can properly secure your home from burglars and rest assured that your belongings and family will always remain safe.
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