Curious About This New Chris Tarrant Lottery Site…

Before Christmas I was talking to a friend of mine and she asked me whether I'd heard of this new company called Lottoland. She was excited because they were letting British players take part in the Spanish Christmas lottery.

"First I've heard of them", I said.

But you know that phenomenon when you have somebody mention something to you and then you suddenly find it's everywhere?

Well that happened to me. Because before I knew it I was hearing the word Lottoland everywhere.

I turned on the TV and there was Lottoland –as advertised by Chris Tarrant. I'd noticed the ad before, playing in the background, but it hadn't registered until now.

I jump online and suddenly it seems like everyone's talking about Lottoland – and this big massive American jackpot worth a billion pounds!

The following week I'm hearing about PowerBall lotto winners at Lottoland and I start thinking, ok, maybe it's finally time I check this site out!

My Online Lottery Experience

Now I should start off by saying that, bar the odd game of bingo, I've never been much into gambling or gaming or whatever you want to call it. Still, I've been known to buy the odd lottery ticket – like when there's a big jackpot on the EuroMillions for example. Way I see it there's millions to gain, and only a couple of quid to loose.

So it was with that same mindset that I approached Lottoland – just to see how it compared.  

First impressions – good, a very user-friendly site, clear, well designed and easy to navigate. Registration was quick and painless and overall it was very easy to get up and running. Within seconds I was ready to play the lottery online – but which one?

Lottoland boasts it has lotteries from all over the world. Which is true, though most of them I'd never heard of. So I decided to give this PowerBall lottery a whirl.

While waiting to find out of I'm going to be a multimillionaire I read through their FAQs and their online magazine to learn more about the different games on offer just to get more of a feel for the place.

I also recommend you check out their instant-win scratchcard games which are a whole lot of fun.


What Lottoland does well is combine the lotteries we know and love, like EuroMillions, with some fresh new ones we've never played before and put them all online for us to enjoy anywhere there's an internet connection.

Basically instead of buying tickets we "bet" on the results of the lotteries and then Lottoland pays out all the wins directly, just like an online betting or casino site does.

They then pile on features like subscriptions and participation options, as well as their flagship DoubleJackpot feature. Switch this feature on and you could win DOUBLE the jackpot amount!

Which, considering how much some of Lottoland's jackpots are, is absolutely mind-blowing!

So, if you're a long-time lottery player bored of the same-ole, same-ole and looking for a chance to win big you definitely want to check out Lottoland.co.uk!
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