Prom Night? Complete Your Look with Wearable Flowers

Although it is customary for your date to bring you flowers on prom night, there probably isn’t anything in the rules that says you can’t discuss with him what you’d like to wear. Of course, it depends on how solid your relationship is but if you have been dating for any length of time and feel comfortable talking about what you’d like to have in the line of wearable flowers, then by all means do so. If it is a new relationship or a first date, you could broach the subject tactfully but it can be done.
Perhaps have a friend throw a hint or you could throw a few not-so-subtle hints yourself. No matter what, if you have your heart set on something other than the traditional corsage, it is up to you to find a way to convey that message. Here are a few ideas for awe-inspiring wearable flowers that will set you apart from literally every other girl on the floor.

Floral Crowns

After choosing the prom dress of your dreams on sites like axparis.com, you might just want to consider wearing a floral crown that will make you look like the prom queen or princess. These are especially lovely when you wear your hair in an up-do, but are equally attractive with long, flowing curls. With matching or complementary colours to your prom dress, these can be the absolute perfect accessory to complete the look you are going for.

Ankle Corsages

Want to show off those shapely legs? Again, there is nothing in the rule books that say you must wear an ankle length dress, so why not go for a midi or a to-the-knee style? Then you can wear heels and an ankle corsage that will show off those shapely legs. This will be the talk of the prom and you will be the envy of literally every other female in attendance.

Floral Bags

Usually floral handbags are done up in silk flowers, but there have been a few made up of succulents combined with exotic flowers such as orchids. Some have an abundance of greenery with just a few hints of tiny blossoms whilst others are more of a mossy cover with a bit of bloom interwoven for effect. Actually, this is the absolute perfect handbag to carry to your prom and you needn’t tell your date anything at all because no matter what kind of corsage he brings, you will still be able to wear it well.

Over the Shoulder Corsage

Perhaps one of the most unusual types of prom corsages would be the over-the-shoulder corsage that is actually worn on the back. These probably would be difficult to wear on a sleeveless, strapless dress, but even on a gown with just a spaghetti strap over the shoulder would do nicely for effect. It would probably be best to wear it on the back of your right shoulder since he will be leading with his right hand on the left side of your back when you dance, but what an amazing way to attract attention with a highly unusual corsage worn literally on your back!
If you intend to buy your own wearable flowers, it really is perfectly acceptable to warn your date in advance. It is important that he knows exactly what type and colour of flowers you will be wearing so his choice of flowers doesn’t conflict with yours. Going for the perfect look on this very special prom date? Wearable flowers is where it’s at.
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