Want To Know How to Spend Less At The Supermarket?

There are plenty of things we have to pay for when it comes to providing for the family. Whether it’s school uniforms, direct debits, the mortgage or repairs to the family car, you can guarantee there’s something our hard-earned money needs to go on! Food bills are another inevitability, but did you know that you don’t have to pay as much as might have been up to now? The Money Advice Service recently commissioned a survey to find out how we’re spending our money in the supermarkets, and the results are something we’re going to keep in mind when doing our weekly food shop.

For example, 68% of us have already clocked the fact that bringing our own bags is worth the effort now that carrier bags are 5 pence each, but what you might not know is that 53% of us are unable to select the best deal when we’re presented with multiple offers to choose from! And, 58% of shoppers still aren’t buying own-brand, even though it’s normally cheaper. You can see the results of the full survey below, and pick up some handy cost-cutting tips while you’re at it. What advice from the Money Advice Service will your family take on board?

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