#TT2016 "Best place to hear that kind of news"

I walked from the bike towards the grass. I took my helmet off, removed my jacket and took my phone from my pocket.
I read the message that had been waiting for me on Whatsapp.
Then my phone started to ring. A number appeared, beginning with the area code of my home town. I thought I recognised the following six digits and assuming it was important I answered.
I sat on the grass, bag now on the ground next to me along with my coat and my helmet.
I looked round and saw my brother sorting out his bike and then walking down towards me.

"Is that Mrs Woodward?"
It was my solicitors office.
They informed me that a letter had been returned to them, "no longer at this address" and they asked for my new address.
I told them, thanked them for their call, said goodbye and hung up.

By this point my brother and our other two friends were now sat with me.

"So, my solicitors just called. My decree absolutely came through. I'm officially divorced."
"That's a good thing" my brother replied. And in that moment he made me switch from the shock that I was no longer married. He made me switch from this confused feeling of...well...not knowing what or how to feel.
I instantly looked at him, and looked in front of me at the most beautiful view and knew he was right.
It wasn't a shock, I knew the decree absolute was coming at some point. But it was that "final" feeling. 
It's done. 
It's over.

I posted on Facebook "Beautiful view. Cold beer. Good company. Then a phone call from the solicitors office. 
Officially divorced" and the responses from friends were enough to make me realise how lucky I was to get that news on this day.

"Best place to hear that kinda of news! Enjoy your beer, the sights and the company xxx"

"Look at it as a sign - you're in a place you love with someone you love. New beginnings and all that xx"

"You are with the best person to hear that news x"

I realised just how obvious and clear it is to people what an amazing person my brother is. 
I made a friend recently on a TT Facebook group and within no time at all he said that it was obvious that my brother is my rock. 

Other moments that week stand out to me. Moments which all involve him, things he said and things he did. Facial expressions, things that made me laugh and things that made me cry. 
Those things are enough to make me wake up to the fact that I might have a marriage behind me, I might not be good enough for any other man but when it comes to my brother...I am good enough. And no matter what, he will be there for me. 

And that's all I need.
That one man guaranteed to put a smile on my face and make me feel better. 

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