This Week In Five | 18/9 - 24/9

In 2014 I started a series on my blog called "Happy Sunday", where basically I would list things that had made me happy that week. Then I renamed it "This Week in 5" last year and with everything that happened I ended up stopping it.
I miss doing those posts and I think it's a good way of recording the week and to look back on when you feel like maybe life has been a bit pants.

Sunday Evening at Eaton Park

I had to work last Sunday, which was a one off, but straight after work I popped home, got changed and headed over to Norwich to Eaton Park.
It was such a lovely evening, and despite not wanting to be rude and to get my phone out of my bag I couldn't resist but to take photos of these two beautiful views over the boating lakes. 


Last year I got a tattoo on my thigh. It was a small and I left it unfinished so I could live with it for a bit to decide whether or not I wanted it coloured, shaded or something completely different. After finding a fantastic tattooist a couple of weeks ago I booked with him again to complete my thigh. I wanted to get it done whilst the weather is still nice so I can wear shorts whilst it heals and not worry about not wearing tights to work. 
I told the tattooist what I wanted....a laurel wreath and a quote to go with the Three Legs of Man and he put it all together perfectly. Much better (and bigger!) than what I had envisaged.
I'm not going to lie....it hurt. A lot. But I'm so pleased with it that it was worth the pain having it done...and whilst it heals.

The 1975

When I went to Ireland with my brother we pretty much spent the week listening to different albums and playlists on Spotify as we travelled the coast. 
I then discovered so many new songs I liked and bands and the The 1975 was one of those.
I've found recently that I'm relying on music a lot at night to help me get to sleep. I either listen to their album or to my "sleep" playlist on Spotify that includes a few of their songs along with a few others. 
This song is so beautiful. It does make me tear up though every time I hear it but just.....WOW!

I Bee Leaf In You

I love my job. There are days where I can get a little overwhelmed but most of the time, I love it. I work as a kitchen and bathroom advisor in a showroom and work with some amazing people. 
I'm really passionate about customer service, and this week a customer sent an email to my boss praising me. I worry a lot that my hard work and passion goes unnoticed, and for a customer to actually feel like she wants to tell my manager just how happy she was with the service I gave her meant so much to me. 
These little boosts are what push me and encourage me to keep going.
I love this image I found on Pinterest. Really makes me smile.

10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (213):

A New Blog Name

After a while of considering it and going backwards and forwards I've decided that it is time to change my blog name. I don't feel like "Real Housewife of Suffolk" is me anymore. I feel like I want to break free of that name, as much as I do love it, and instead have a title that reflects who I am now and what I am about. 
The URL is purchased and I'm gradually changing a few things over. Just the massive job of getting a header sorted and then the change will be complete!
I feel really excited about it. The new name means a lot to me, which I will explain when I "launch" it properly.
You'll never know how hard that fight has been. But it's worth it! - apw:

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