Five Things | Songs I'm Currently Obsessed With/That Make Me Cry

I'm still completely obsessed with Spotify and have started to use it to discover new music rather than listening to old favourites. Also having a new friend who is into his music and suggests songs to me and shares songs he likes certainly helps to expand my playlists too.

James Arthur | Say You Won't Let Go

I never got the whole fuss with James Arthur when he was on the X Factor. I think it was one of the years I decided to give up on X Factor to be honest because I was that unimpressed.
As per usual, when the X Factor is back on the tv old winners and runners up re-appear with new singles and albums and when I saw James Arthur was going to be on there I thought "meh". It didn't make me want to watch the results show and instead I thought I would just catch up with who left by looking on Facebook or Twitter.
And then a friend confessed to liking his new song so I decided to check it out on Spotify...which pained me a little bit as I was sure I wouldn't like it but when someone has good taste in music and then suggests a song you kind of have to trust their judgement.
With a face damp with tears, skin covered in goosebumps and a racing heart...45 minutes later I was still listening to the song on repeat.
The words and the emotion in his voice got me, although when I caught the last half of his performance on X Factor I didn't think he quite lived up to the expectation I then had of him. He sounded emotionless and flat but still....thank goodness to Spotify for letting me listen to this song over and over.
This song makes me want to dance, anywhere, in someones arms.

Calum Scott | Dancing On My Own

I jokingly listened to this song after my friends wedding when I was the only person to not have anyone to dance with at the end of the wedding reception. I absolutely loved the remix dancey version until I found the "original" Calum Scott version. His voice is so beautiful. This is one of the songs I listen to at night to calm my busy head and help me get to sleep.

Alessia Cara | Scars To Your Beautiful

This is another song I found by chance on Spotify. Some songs I don't pay attention to but this one grabbed me.
I found myself listening so carefully and closely to the words and felt like so many of them were relevant to me, and probably to women (and possibly men) in general.
This song is just so beautiful...and definitely one that empowers you to feel a bit better about how you look.

Walking On Cars | Speeding Cars

Oh this song!! I've been obsessed with this song since May this year. So obsessed that I found their album on Spotify and listened to it repeatedly for a couple of weeks.
I was so excited when I saw the band, Walking On Cars, are touring the UK and have a gig in Norwich. I marked the ticket release date in my calendar and booked tickets as soon as they became available...forgetting that I didn't have anyone to go with me.
I cannot WAIT to hear them sing this live. Definitely one that will require tissues and an arm around me I think.
The video doesn't really seem to match the lyrics, in my opinion, unless I am missing something, but it also doesn't help the tears. It's a sad one.

The 1975 | Somebody Else 

Again...voice...lyrics...emotion. This song...listen to it and tell me your eyes don't fill up. Really listen to the words. I'm pretty sure all of us have felt this way at some point in our lives? No?
The video is pretty pants at the beginning...so skip it to exactly 3 minutes and then enjoy!
I love the lyrics,
Our love has gone cold
You're intertwining your soul with somebody else
I feel like they take the meaning away from simply being about sex and that intimate side of a relationship and moving on to actually being deeper than that.
I first heard this song properly...as in listened closely to the lyrics when I was in Ireland with my brother so it's lovely to have connections with that time too. It makes the song a little more special.

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