The Best of 2016: Food Delivery Apps

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what your smartphone can do these days: You can order a cab, create music, write a paper, and crush candies. Perhaps one of the best – and hunger satisfying – things you can do with your smartphone is to download a food delivery app. The next time hunger strikes, I’ll be looking to my phone to do the dirty work for me. Here are my favourite food delivery apps of this year, and what makes them amazing.

1- UberEats

If you haven’t heard already, Uber is the game-changing cab company, which allows the general public to become a taxi for several hours a day utilising their own vehicle. After this service made headlines, Uber expanded its market into the food delivery industry, therefore birthing UberEats. Although it is still fresh to the UK and is currently based solely in London, UberEats delivers from 150 restaurants and within a 30-minute radius from your current location. This allows UberEats to guarantee hot meals.

2 – One Delivery

For the avid fast-foodie, One Delivery associates with popular fast-food restaurants such as McDonalds and KFC. With over 500 restaurants to cater to your current craving, One Delivery will work its delivery magic in getting your cheat meal to you quickly.

3 – Hungry House

Wherever you are in the UK, chances are Hungry House will be able to get to you in a flash. With over 10,000 restaurants in their database, you won’t have to worry about ordering the same boring meal because it’s the only option available. Hungry House is known for its diversity in menu options, and is extremely popular for Chinese and Indian food options. The app has an easy to navigate interface, and satisfies the entire point of getting food ordered and into your stomach as soon as possible.

4 – Deliveroo

If you are looking for an app that has a light sense of humour, Deliveroo has you covered. This quirky company offers delivery of many different food items all over the UK. From breakfast, to beer, to dessert – Deliveroo fits the bill at any time of day. The app categorises your meals for you, allowing you to quickly get to what you are craving.

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